A Slide Night with John Witzig and Mike Perry

John Witzig and Mike Perry

John Witzig has become an icon of Australian surfing. In a ‘career’ studded by controversy, he has been a surfer, photographer, writer, editor and publisher. The former editor of Surfing World and Surf International in the 1960’s, founding partner of Tracks magazine in 1970 and Sea Notes in 1977 John has done it all. In 1967 John wrote a controversial article for the American Surfer magazine titled ‘We’re Tops’ which claimed Australian surfers were better than American surfers. The article was later described as splendidly inflammatory.
Surf World Gold Coast is proud to announce that John will host a slide night on 6th October where he will show a selection of his photos from the 60s and 70s, with commentary on that evolutionary era in surfing when board design was changing rapidly and surfers were exploring the virgin breaks that have now become mainstream destinations.

John will be ably backed up by expat American, and world-renowned surf forecaster, Mike Perry. Though well known by the surfing hierarchy, Mike and his contributions to surfing have generally remained under the radar.
Thanks to Paul Witzig, John’s brother, the night will end with the showing of 3 short film clips from his groundbreaking movies, Hot Generation, Evolution and Sea of Joy.

John Witzig BIO

John Witzig got lucky when some of his friends got famous. He was hanging around surfing in Australia with the right people at the right time.
He misspent his youth involved with surfing magazines – writing, taking photographs, editing and designing – until it dawned on him that he’d better get a real job and he moved into mainstream publishing. He’s continued to misspend his adulthood in that field. Publishing remains a passion as do exotic places (just about anywhere out of Australia) and he travels as much as he can (which isn’t much these days).
He surfed into his mid-40s when his body began to collapse around him. He would’ve liked to have been a great tennis player.

Mike Perry BIO

Just another surfer.
Ex-pat Mike Perry has done most of what can be done in surfing except for riding giant waves, (or even pretty big ones.)
Shaper, writer, magazine editor and ‘weather guy’; Perry has angled his way through life using Surfing as his entree, all the while managing to dodge fame.
A self proclaimed ‘cog in the wheel of surfing’, Mike maintains contact with many of the overlords and underdogs of the art. With all that, he remains an individual who has simply peserved his love of surfing since first introduced to it in 1959.

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