Pioneers Night - Gordon Woods, Joe Larkin, Bill Wallace and Ken Wiles

Pioneers Night Gordon Woods, Joe Larkin, Bill Wallace and Ken Wiles

A fine night was had by all…

Surf World Gold Coast is fast becoming the centre of quality surf related events on the Gold Coast. Last Saturday night’s event featuring four surfing pioneers, Gordon Woods, Joe Larkin, Bill Wallace and Ken Wiles, who substituted for Scott Dillon, was a chance for those who attended to learn about the dramatic changes to board construction and surfing lifestyle in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Gordon, Joe, Bill and Ken kept the audience entertained with their stories of the characters who took surfing from the 16 foot hollow ply boards into the then new era of the Malibu board. Their stories of experimenting with foam and fibreglass construction and of the fires and explosions that almost destroyed their factories and businesses while serious at the time were hilarious in the retelling. Ken who opened Australia’s first surf shop had everyone laughing when he told of selling condoms and playboy magazines under the counter to make ends meet.

An entertaining and informative night was had by all.

Surf World Gold Coast is hosting an evening on 28th May featuring Joe Larkin, Gordon Woods, Scott Dillon and Bill Wallace, four of the pioneering fathers of board manufacturing in Australia and the industry and lifestyle that followed in their footsteps. These four men between them trained some of the most highly regarded shapers and manufacturers involved in the industry today.

Listen to their stories about the introduction of the Malibu in 1956 and the transition from 16ft hollow ply boards, to ply Okanuii’s, to balsa and then to foam and their humorous stories about the disasters they had in creating the modern foam blank.

Hear how the ‘Gidget’ era changed surfing into a mainstream sport in the early 60s’ and how the short board revolution affected their businesses in the late 60s’.

All good surfers in their own right these four together, are part of the living history of our sport. With larrikins Joe and Scott and gentleman Gordon and Bill telling their stories it promises to be an entertaining night not to be missed and one that all those in the industry should attend.

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