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Surf World Gold Coast opened its doors in June 2009

Surf World Gold Coast originated as an idea among local Gold Coast surfers, photographers, board makers and collectors in the mid 1990s
including collector Carl Tanner, the owner of Finch Swimwear who has the most significant collection of boards and surfing memorabilia and was looking for somewhere to showcase the display along with Daryl Beans Barnett, and Darryl “Von Weirdo” Miller, artist, collector, dealer and character plus a cast of various others.

Mal Sutherland became the museum’s inaugural Chairman and the inaugural Patron was Australian pioneering shaper Joe Larkin. The resulting momentum and support from the Gold Coast City Council and Councilors Sue Robbins, Chris Robbins and since then also Councillor Gail O'Neill enabled Surf World Gold Coast to open its doors in 2009, and the result is a collection of over 100 surfboards dating from 1915 to the present day plus photos, artwork, clothing and other artifacts.

Our current patron, chosen by his predecessor Joe Larkin - is SurfWorld's patron since 2017 - Peter Harris. Peter Harris is an ex-professional surfer and shaper from Burleigh Heads,   who has been collecting surfboards and researching the history of surfing and surfboard design extensively for over 35 years. Peter is also a member of SurfWorld's curation team and a founding member of the Burleigh Boardriders clubs reformation. Peter was Rookie of the year in his first year on the circuit also becoming the first Rookie to ever win a major- the Stubbies Classic at Burleigh Heads, Peter was also an invitee and finalist at the prestigious

Duke Kahanamoku invitational was held at Waimea Bay in Hawaii. Peter shaped for Michael Peterson and Dick Van Straalen throughout the mid to late 70’s and early 80’s, and although now in his 60's, Peter continues to surf daily and also design and shape surfboards as well as curate the museum as part of our team.

The 2020-2022 committee members are

Chairman - Rod Brooks
Secretary -  Angela Collins
Treasurer and Volunteer Coordinator -  Rick Wybrew
Patron -  Peter Harris; Carl Tanner; Daryl Barnett; Joan Farmer;
Volunteer Rep - David Reik.

Surf World Gold Coast
Surf World Gold Coast